Divisional Secretary (Acting)

Name Mr. N.A.A.S.Priyankara
  • Bsc (Biology) - University of Colombo
  • MA University Of Kalaniya.
  • International Computer Driving License.
  • Labour Employement Relation in the Global Economy - V.V Giri National Labour Institute NOIDA - India.
  • Workshop on ISO 9001:2008 Standard, Preparetion of Quality Manual & Internal Auditing for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System - Sri Lanka Standers Institution. 
  • Certificate of Public Administration - Sri Lanka Institution of Development Administration.
  • Workshop on Function & Responsibilities of Community Based Organizations (CBOS) in Micro Finance Delivery - Central Bank Of Sri Lanka.
  • Capacity Development Of District/ Divisional Secretariats for improving small medium enterprises in Sri Lanka - Monash University, Australia.  


Work history
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary - Divisional secretariat, Alapatha
  • Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner - Divisional secretariat, Rathnapura
  • Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner - Divisional secretariat, Kurunegala.
  • Divisional Secretary _Divisional secretariat, Pannala

Assistant Divisional Secretary - I

 aaa Name Mrs. S.A.Y.R. Jayathilaka
  • Masters of International Development Practice - Monash University, Australia
  • Bachelors in Arts - University of Colombo
  • Diploma in Public Administration - Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration
  • Labour Standard for Decent Work - International Labour Organizaton Training Center - Turin, Italy
  • Workhop on Labour Standards - International Labour Organization - Genewa, Swisterland
Work history
  • Assistant Director (Research & Development) -Ministry of Labour & Labour Relations
  • Assistant Secretary (Forign Relations) - Ministry Of Labour & Labour Relations.
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary - Divisional Secretariat, Panduwsnuwara- West  


 acco Name Mrs. S.M.J.W. Bandara.
  • B.Sc special degree in Business Administration in University Of Jayawardhanapura
  • ICTA Computer Basic Training
Work history
  • Book Keeper - Department of Forest Conservation.
  • Public Management  Assistanat - Department of Forest Conservation.
  • Public Management  Assistanat - Divisional secretariat, Gnewaththa.
  • Accountant - High court, Kurunegala.
  • Accountant - Divisional secretariat, Bingiriya. 

Assistant Director (Planning)

 accccc Name Ms. K.A. Pushpa Damayanthi
  • Bsc special degree in University Of Peradeniya.
  • Phd in Business Management in University Of Wayamba. (English medium)
  • Certificate Course in Proffesional English, Open University. (1999)
work History
  • Teacher(assistanat), National College in Nakkawaththa.

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

  grma Name Mr. W.A.P. Wanshathilaka
  • Advance Level Examination
  • Participated Leadership & Skill Development Programme conducted by Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration.
  • Participated Conflicts Settlement programme conducted by Divisional secretariat - Kurunegala
work History
  • Special Service Officer
  • Grama Niladari

Administrative Officer

   ccc Name Mrs. A.M. Indra Adhikari
  • Advance Level Examination.
  • Certificate Course in English, North Western Provincial Council's trining unit (2006-2007)
work History
  • Clerk, Ministry Of Fisheries - North Wesrern Province
  • Clerk, Divisional secretariat  - Maspotha
  • Public Management Assistant, Divisional secretariat - Hettipola
  • Public Management Assistant, Divisional secretariat - Maspotha
  • Public Management Assistant, Divisional secretariat - Wariyapola

News & Events

Tree Planting Program - 2018 (Divisional Secretariat - Panduwasnuwara west)

Tree Planting Program - 2018 (Divisional Secretariat - Panduwasnuwara west)

                                                      Tree Planting Program...

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